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Join us for:

Sensory Friendly Time at the MOST!

Presented by the MOST in conjunction with Thrive By 5 and CNY SPD Parent-Connections!

Many of our children have difficulties when visiting this wonderful children's museum and play area. 
The MOST is filled with fun things for kids to explore, yet often it can be a very overwhelming experience,especially for those children who have sensory difficulties.

Occupational therapists from Thrive By 5 have worked together with CNY SPD Parent Hosts and the MOST to create an event in which our children can experience the delights of the MOST. 

 Sensory Friendly Time at the MOST!  
Monthly Event - visit www.most.org for specific dates

This event is designed for any children with sensory processing difficulties, regardless of diagnosis. If a child has difficulty with the overstimulating sensory environment at the MOST, 
this event is designed for them. 

  In preparation for A Sensory Friendly Time many exhibits will be adjusted so they are more comfortable for 
sensory processing difficulties. These adjustments include lowering loud noises, eliminating flashing lights, 
silencing the air compressors that control some of the exhibits, offering "quiet" areas where participants can sit, 
relax and regroup. 

If you have any questions, please contact cnyspdparents@gmail.com or visit www.most.org.    
Standard admission prices will apply.

Welcome to 
CNY SPD Parent-Connections!!

A support group for Parents!!!!
CNY SPD Parent Connections is a local chapter of the Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) Foundation,  out of Colorado. 
We are dedicated to the research, education and validation of Sensory Processing Disorder. 
We provide compassionate support to parents and families in our area whose children are impacted by sensory processing difficulties. We are dedicated to raising awareness and promoting advocacy for the recognition of SPD in our area and beyond.

Group Host: 

 Caryn Daher
Email: cnyspdparents@gmail.com
CNY SPD Parent-Connections is pleased to welcome our new volunteer, Jeanine Werth. Jeanine is an active member of our group and will be assisting with the Sensory events at the MOST.